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Raising our children in society today can be a very sensitve matter and it is important to teach our children empathy and that people are different for many reasons.  Teaching our children that being “different” is somethig to embrace and that without differences our world would be very bland.  “Different” should be a word our children choose not shy away from, but instead think of as “UNIQUE”, or “Special”, a positive verb when describing a person.

When I was asked to review Selma’s Dolls’ I jumped at the opportunity to take these sweet dolls and introduce them to my 4 year old daughter.  She is at the age where she has started noticing people in a crowd, or in her classroom,  and has been paying a bit more attention to appearances, like curly hair or straight, skin color, differences in languages being spoke, or if someone needs assitance getting around.  She has started to ask questions and is curious as to why everyone is not the same.

The creators of Selma’s Dolls’ have taken 3 lovely, snuggley dolls and turned them into characters as part of a teaching book to read to your child.  Annie (who brings awareness to those with Down syndorme), Ameena (who represents many Islam cultures), and Lola (who represents the Mexican Heritage).    The book tells the story of the young girls being nervous about school and not making, or having any friends to get them through the day.  As the story progresses the girls recongize eachother as friends, no matter their unique differenes.  Each doll is accompanied by the book First Day of School.


My daughter, at 4 years old, asked many questions about Ameema (this is the doll we received).  She was not sure at first if Ameena was her new favorite doll, but after reading the story to her, Ameena tucked into bed along side of her, she seemed to understand what the book was explaining.  She asked some very thought provoking questions and she held the doll tightly.  Ameena has become a fixture in her bedtime routine, and we continue to read the story. She enjoys the lesson of kindess and smiles sweetly when the girls all become friends.

This is a wonderful and endearing gift to give your child, one that will continue to grow with them.  The gift of teaching acceptance, love, and respect. I would recommend these huggable dolls to all, what a wonderful gift!


The debut collection of Selma’s Dolls features ragdolls Annie, Lola and Ameena. The dolls are made for children ages 2 and up as a way to introduce the beauty of differences through play. Via the storybook, parents can teach their children that differences are special and lead to friendship and understanding. And ultimately those differences lead to wonder and acceptance.

Launched on Amazon in March 2018, Selma’s Dolls is a ragdoll-and-book set that helps children, in a magical yet authentic way, learn how to love and celebrate differences in one another. Discover how different is beautiful at

The dolls are $39.99 and can be purchased at



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