Key Ring New App Obsession and $50 App Store Gift Card Giveaway! #Giveaway

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Are you like me? I love carrying around my loyalty cards for Rite Aid, CVS, Heinens, Toys R Us and more… so I can get my discounts but that a lot of cards to carry! You always want to make sure you have the cards on you so you can get your points, coupons or discounts but who wants to carry 20+ cards around constantly? Not me. That is why I love this new app Key Ring!

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Key Ring is the #1 mobile app for loyalty cards and shopping. Key Ring users plan, save, and organize by digitally carrying their cards, accessing hundreds of weekly ads and coupons, and creating digital shopping lists – all in one app. It is available for both Google Play and the App Store.

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I have been using this for 2 weeks and love it. I have thrown away all my loyalty cards and the bar code can easily be scanned directly from your smart phone its great! I have not had any issues with this app. I have tried several stores and everyone is able to easily scan from my smart phone. I have been telling everyone about Key Ring. It really solves a problem. Everyone wants the loyalty cards but not the hassle of carrying them around! No more fumbling through your purse digging for your loyalty card. An added bonus is anytime you click on the store you are in all the coupons for that store automatically pop up. So all the coupons to the store save on your phone. Easily accessible. To download the Key Ring App Click Here.


So what are you waiting for? Download the App and start saving money and Enter to Win $50 Google Play or App Store gift Card below. Good Luck!

$50 Google Play or App Store Gift Card


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  • Nicole Dziedzic

    I love the key ring app, awesome to have all your cards in ones place, without them hanging off your keys, and most of all i love being able to view the weekly ads!

  • Ellen Casper

    Love the convenience of having all store cards without having to carry them in your wallet. Great idea!



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