Kent State University – Gorgeous New Campus Renovations

As a KSU alumni, I had an opportunity to visit the campus for a work function last week. I could not believe my eyes! For somewhere that I spent four years of my life, it seemed very unfamiliar. There were some placed that took me back to my college days with lots of memories, but then there was a ton of new gorgeous construction that made me do a double take.

IMG_6673 (1)

Kent State campus is no longer just a college campus with some bars and restaurants. I always thought it was a beautiful campus, which is one of the many reasons I chose to go there for undergrad, but it is way more impressive now.

IMG_6671 (1)

I couldn’t believe the new buildings for the university in addition to the new hotel! It was crazy for me to see a new and improved Panini’s considering it looked way different than it did when I was there years ago.

It’s not too far away, so I am definitely planning to visit again sometime where I can take some more time to explore the memories and the new additions. It’s worth the drive.

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