Jennifer Aniston recently revealed a no no on the red carpet. The star showed off her backside and to the photogs surprise numerous cupping marks were seen, those even a good concealer couldn’t hide.

You may be wondering “What is cupping?” and “What Does it Do?” and “Why is Jennifer Aniston Doing It?”

Cupping Therapy is based on traditional Chinese medicine. Some people think that it is a way to get rid of toxins in the body and has health benefits. Cupping involves warming the air inside a glass, metal, or wooden cup and placing it over a part of the body to treat various health conditions. It is recommended mainly for treating bronchial congestion, arthritis, and pain. It is also promoted to ease depression and reduce swelling. Some people have also used it to treat tumors or cancers.

Cupping is supposed to realign and balance the flow of one’s vital energy or life force called qi or ch’i. In the presence of illness or injury, the qi is disturbed and there may be too much or too little at certain points in the body. The practitioner diagnoses any imbalances in the qi and attempts to restore them.

As the air inside the jar cools, it creates a vacuum, which causes the skin to rise. This is thought to open up the skin’s pores and create a route for toxins to escape the body. The skin under the cup reddens as blood vessels expand.

So hopefully I answered the first two questions but I am still not sure why Jennifer would be doing it. Maybe she was just trying to release toxins before the premier. She could have back pain or congestion. These celebrities always on top of the latest treatments. I love it!