Cheap is expensive! Any time I have “chinced out” (as me and my husband like to call it), I am disappointed and wish I would have just forked it over. We all know of those go-to shortcuts we can take with some purchases, but for the most part, when you cut corners and buy something just because it’s on sale, it breaks or doesn’t work out the way we would have hoped. For example, whenever I buy a clothing item super on sale just because it is so darn cheap to pass up, 99 percent of the time it ends up in the pile to be donated to charity with the price tag still on it.

Now on the other hand, when I spend a good amount of money on something, it’s usually something I wear a ton and get my money’s worth and then some. I consider it an investment. For example, have you ever bought a pair of designer jeans and wondered why you spent $200+ on them? Well look at it this way, if you wear them 200 times or more, that is under $1 per wear. I think that’s way better than a $25 pair that you end up donating with the tags on because they don’t fit right or the fade is too dark.

My BF and SIL’s have been wearing Lulu for a long time and I am still a huge fan of Victoria’s Secret PINK line. I LOVE the PINK line!!!!!!! The closest Lulu store is about 30 minutes away, so it’s an event to get there, and most things I like to try on before I buy so it’s hard for me to buy online unless it’s a style where I already know the fit and my size.

So I decided to venture out to Lulu a back in December to make some purchases and I LOVE their stuff! It’s definitely worth the price! The clothing and accessories are really cute and if you work out and then run errands like I do, it’s nice to have a fun workout wardrobe. I never wore sweatpants so much until I became a mom. Then you realize that bending over in your lowrise jeans is not always the most attractive thing to see. Crack kills!