Help My Kids Just Ate an Ice Pack!

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My boys are 6 and almost 5, I thought I was past them eating strange things! Yesterday, the boys were playing outside with a neighbor girl. I would like to preface this story by saying I left for about an hour to go get school supplies at Target. My husband was home with the kids.

Ok, back to the story….We had some icey pops in the refridgerator in the garage. The boys go in there from time to time and take out a popsicle and eat them. Ok no big deal. Well yesterday I got a strange phone call from the little girls mother.

Neighbor Mom: “Hey blank said her throat hurts and she was eating a popsicle that turned into gum over at your house, do you know what it was?”

Me: (completely stunned) Hi, um no they were eating icey pops right before I left…
(I walk over to the outside fridge, then it hits me).
Um wait a minute there are some freezer packs in here. (Me WTF did they eat this?)
Oh gosh, it had to be this.

Well that’s what it was!! These kids clearly jonesing for another popsicle opened up a freezer pack and ate it! My oldest son said he tasted it and it didn’t taste good and he threw it out. Sean, my younger son said he took a few bites and then threw it out. However, they said the 6 year old girl ate several bites.

Never in a million years would I think at 5 and 6 they would do this. It has me re-evaluating a lot of chemicals around the house.

The Neighbor Mom and myself called poison control and apparently these are non-toxic. They should not be eaten but are not poisonous. They told us to make sure they ate and drank a lot and they could have upset stomachs and diarrhea.

The crack and cool packs found in most first aid kits can be dangerous and of course anything with anti-freeze in it or blue packs. I never thought anything like this could happen so please check out what you have around the house. I thought I would share my experience.


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