How many times have you been at work and yet there’s ANOTHER cake being served to celebrate someone’s birthday, work anniversary or retirement? There is actually a Seinfeld episode about this!!!!! Then there are all of those family birthdays…spouse, kids, grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, mother-in-law, father-in-law, sister, sister-in-law, brother, brother-in-law, niece, nephew, god daughter, god son, etc. And that doesn’t even include friends and their kid’s parties! If I ate cake at all of those get-togethers,I definitely would be growing sideways and that is one direction I do NOT want to grow.

I am no saint when it comes to food, but I try to restrict myself in some situations. Work is the area I have decided to restrict myself and I have good reason. We all know what it’s like after lunch when your energy isn’t as high as the morning coffee rush. The last thing I need is a piece of cake to give me a temporary sugar spike and then an even bigger crash. That does not equal productivity in my book. So, I keep my desk drawer stocked with some healthy snacks like protein bars, almonds, fruit and natural peanut butter so I am not ravenously hungry throughout the day. When I am ravenously hungry, I make bad decisions. This seems to work for me the majority of the time. That way I can splurge at family birthday parties and it doesn’t matter if I am productive or not when the sugar crash comes along.

How do you keep your sweet tooth in check when there are so many tempting moments every day?