Healthy Breakfast – Toast, Avocado, and Hard Boiled Egg

I saw an article where model Rosie Huntington talked about eating toast, avocado, and a hard boiled egg for breakfast, and I decided to try it because it sounded healthy, filling, and I happened to have all of the ingredients at my house.

Even though I don’t particularly like to cook, I can make a pretty mean simple breakfast, appetizers, and I’ve been told that I make the world’s greatest salad.  So in other words, if it’s not simple, it’s not happening when it comes to cooking.  But this one was easy.  I just chopped up an avocado and a hard boiled egg, added it to my toast, and enjoyed a delicious breakfast.  I made it for my husband, too, and he really seemed to enjoy it.  Since there’s a lot of protein, it keeps you really full all morning.

And if you really want to make this fast, I love Egg-lands Best Hard-Cooked Peeled Eggs  

My mom actually laughed at me the one time she caught me using these out of the bag, but who has time to boil eggs?


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