Have Fun With the New Find It Games by Identity Games!

“Oh this is so cool! I’m gonna find ’em all!”, uttered my son. Yes! Finally a game they can all play and it doesn’t have a gazillion pieces to keep track of or clean up after…well it does have a gazillion pieces but they are all contained! These puzzling adventures in a tall clear tube follow the hottest licenses including Captain Underpants, now an animated summer blockbuster from DreamWorks. We also got Elmo for the baby and Where’s Waldo? for my older son. Each one was perfectly awesome for their little eyes and hands to hold. We even ran out and bought another one for a friend’s birthday party we had the very next day!



Every version of Find It requires specific items to be discovered. All are listed on top of the container for easy reference. Playing cards are also included to add to the fun of the search!


Some are easy to find; others a bit harder. Handle the container anyway that’s comfortable to spot the hidden items – in alphabetical order, smallest to largest, fastest to slowest, etc. It sounds easy, but it’s a challenge and that’s what makes them so fun!

It was perfect to take in the car because it wasn’t too bulky in the backseat and the entire game was contained in one container and no pieces and parts got lost in the seat cracks. Let’s face it, that always happens. Grrrr! The kids were able to see who could find an item the fastest before passing it to the next player. Little ones find it fascinating to find any object, while the older ones were able to read the top of the tube or the playing cards and play that way!


These best-selling games – over 120,000 sold in 2016 – appeal to kids, parents, kids-at-heart, teachers and even therapists. Everyone has their own method of twisting, spinning, shaking or tapping the filled container of hidden items among colored pellets.


Don’t go on your next car trip without one! Also, don’t forget to purchase it for your next birthday party or Holiday gift! Look for these Find It Games in store an online today at http://www.identitygames.com/




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