My Christmas list is pretty short this year, but one thing that is definitely on the list is the Halo. Everyone keeps asking me what a Halo is, and I think it is the coolest little device on the market this season. Halo is portable pocket power. I have an iPhone, and if your like me my low battery starts flashing at the most inappropriate time. Stuck in a doctors waiting room, somewhere far away from home (without my car or car charger). It just seems whenever I need my phone most, I am on a low battery.

Well a Halo is a godsend! It gives your iPhone or iPad or whatever power when you need it most! All you do is carry it around in your purse and when the phone battery light starts blinking, plug it in. It recharges your phone battery so you can use it again, and not be worried you will be stuck somewhere with no phone service. Love it!

It also comes in so many cool colors and fun patterns. I love when gadgets give us some style!

You can check out Halo’s website but they also sell Halo’s other places too.