Greater Cleveland Aquarium

As soon as we entered the Greater Cleveland Aquarium, the JAWS song played in my head. We were all psyched to see what this place was all about!

Between the starfish, the sharks, and the piranha, we didn’t know where to start! Thank goodness they had so many super friendly staff members to point us in the right direction.

The touch pools were an exciting surprise…..and not just one, but TWO!! One had stingray and the other had shrimp, snails, and starfish, to name a few!

We were able to walk through a glass tunnel of sharks, sting rays, and much more! It was beautiful to see how graceful these ocean giants were!

My favorite was the octopus. For some reason, it looked so squishy and cute!

Make sure you check out the Greater Cleveland Aquarium! They have several upgrades planned for 2018 and it is sure to drop JAWS! (wink,wink)


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