Great Wolf

We recently took our daughter to Great Wolf Lodge in Sandusky, OH for the first time and had an absolute BLAST! Kalahari trips have been an annual tradition for us (even B.K. – before kid), but we decided to check out Great Wolf Lodge since the water park is smaller and geared toward younger kids. Of course my husband planned the trip, but the three of us had such a fun time seeing Santa, reading books at night with the talking forest, and the best part of all…….THE WATER PARK! There is even the SCOOOPS Spa (yes there is supposed to be an extra “O” in SCOOOPS) for all of the young girls to get spa treatments. There are many other fun things to do like a video arcade and there was some magic wand treasure hunt going on but it was for the older kids. It looked like everyone was having a fantastic time though! There are plenty of food options with the restaurants and bars on the property. We will definitely be coming back again next year and will make this a new annual tradition.