Get Your Spring Decoration On! I Love Topiaries!

If you are like me and you live in Cleveland you are so sick of the cold! Where is the Sun, the birds, and 65 degree days? Bring on Spring! I finally put the last of the Christmas/Winter decorations away and started decorating inside for Spring and Easter. It’s so nice to bring in some fresh colors and greenery! Like my new fabulous fire retardant artificial foliage

topiary plants from ThermaLeaf®.

I love these Topiary Plants. They look so real. They are not the fake plastic ones you see all over these are beautiful and look real. They have a huge selection of indoor and outdoor plants. Yes, outdoor too. They look so real, no one will ever know. These plants are safe for your household and family too!

Historically, many fires have been caused by a lack of fire resistance in artificial or silk plants, which are often used in commercial spaces for maintenance and durability reasons. In all of these cases the fires could have been prevented with properly manufactured fire retardant trees and plants. Like the ones from ThermaLeaf®. During the injection molding process the fire retardant chemical is blended with the fabric and plastic or PVC parts while the materials are still in raw material form. Once injected, the fire protection is inherent in the foliage branches and leaves.

If you are looking for some Spring decoration in your home I highly suggest checking out these beautiful artificial plants. As soon as I put them out, I felt Spring is near!

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