Flutterbye Really Flies! Favorite Toy! #Flutterbye


This toy is unbelievable! It actually flies for about 5 or 6 minutes per charge. I really couldn’t believe it and my daughter lost her mind. She couldn’t stop laughing at it and was so excited each time to press the button and make it fly. You see those toys out there that claim they can fly but they really don’t. But this toy actually does. And it lights up with many bright lights, which adds to the excitement. You can actually guide the Flutterbye with your hands to make it go up in the air. We found that it works best to just gently tap under her feet. There is a really nice feature in which you press the button on the base once to make the Flutterbye come back down slowly, or you can press it twice to make her come down quickly.

I couldn’t figure out how to charge the darn thing at first, so I went to the website www.flutterbye.com and there is a really nice video tutorial that is very simple to follow. I was able to charge it up within 30 minutes and it was ready to go.

WARNING: My daughter cried so hard when the batteries died and it needed to be charged again after about 5-6 minutes of flying. I convinced her that everything would be ok and we could play with it tomorrow. This is absolutely her favorite new toy! You can purchase these on Amazon or at Target.

It comes in this awesome box:

Check out these accessories!

My daughter couldn’t wait to put this on her bedroom door:

There is also this awesome book in which a butterfly winds up inside and flies when you open the book. We played with this for hours!

Disclosure: I was giving a free product to review. All opinions are my own.


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