Flight Delays and Lost Baggage


What is up with the flight delays and cancellations lately! Traveling in the air has become such a pain! I only like to take direct flights if possible anymore, because if my first flight gets delayed, then I miss the connection and who knows when I’ll reach my destination. To top it off, the last time I traveled for work, I had a direct flight and my luggage didn’t even make it!

I had to travel to Seattle for work a while back and my first flight was delayed and we landed 30 minutes before my connecting flight was supposed to take off. I sprinted about a mile through the airport with my luggage (which was a crazy hard workout even though I run all of the time) and they closed the gate more than twenty minutes before the flight was supposed to take off. That was unbelievable! I was frustrated and drenched in sweat.

Then I had to wait 6 hours in the airport for the next flight to Seattle, which arrived at midnight Pacific time. It’s a good thing that I did not check my luggage because I doubt my luggage would have arrived and there was not enough time to go buy work clothes before I was to be at the office at 8:00 a.m. the next morning.

When traveling for fun, you just want to get to your destination so you can enjoy vacation time! Most of us only get a few weeks of PTO each year and want to get out of dodge as soon as possible and arrive in paradise.

What can be done to fix this whole travel nightmare? Don’t planes know in advance to switch out parts or do they just wait until something breaks and all of us are in our seats to fix it? Why is it ok for airlines to overbook flights so that when people show up they ask them if they are willing to be bumped because there are too many people on the flight?

I can’t stand sitting still for long periods of time, so I guess flying is my only option. I’m just not the “road trip” kind of person. But I have learned the hard way to pack smart and carry on all of my bags.


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