Family time – spent amongst the Sunflowers



During a time where it seems that so many things around us are scary due to the insane behavior of mother nature and the sad stories you hear about so many people around us battling health issues we sometimes need a place to visit that is up-lifting.

Wednesday night was an ordinary school night jam packed with homework and sports.  My husband was traveling and I messaged him in flight to say “tonight we are taking the kids to see the sunflowers”!  This amazing FIELD OF HOPE that is set up by PRAYERS FROM MARIA might be one of  the single most breathtaking things I have come across.

Maria was a young girl, about the age of my middle son (she was 6), when diagnosed with a glioma tumor, one of the most deadly types and second leading cause of cancer deaths in young people.   Unfortunately, there was almost no funding available for researches to find a cure and Maria passed away 14 months after her diagnosis.  She was a very strong little girl with a big heart and her parents say that while she was in hospital she continued to say prayers….but for the other children.

Despite the sadness behind this story and many others something magnificent has come from it.  Since 2014 this field has grown from a small vision of vibrant flowers standing tall into a vast field covering almost  36 acres.  The McNamara Family has had many people donating time and services so that it is a heartwarming experience to be had with loved ones.  Be sure to walk the trails and climb up the newly built observation decks and just gaze into happiness, stop by Maria’s Shop and find jewelry, t-shirts, hats, stationary etc., all proceeds go to the PRAYERS FROM MARIA FOUNDATION.  Fill out a prayer card and hang it on a special sunflower.  There is a lemonade stand and now an ice cream truck for the kids!  Check the website for weekend activities

All I know is this Wednesday my family left feeling blessed, happy and grateful to go home and hug each other.

The sunflowers are at their highest point from now until another week or so.  Please come out and enjoy this experience! Maria’s Field of Hope is located at exit 155 along I-90 in Avon, Ohio.  You can read more about the cause and Maria’s story please go to




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