“Faces” Sevi Magnetic Playset is SO FUN!


I haven’t seen my daughter laugh so hard as when we were playing with the Sevi Magnetic Playset. We got the Faces set and there are so many eyes, noses, lips, mustaches, ears, eyebrows and accessories to rearrange on these girls, boys and dogs. The set has three different sets of faces to arrange and it was so much fun to lay out all of the magnets and see who could come up with the funniest face.

The options of magnets are endless:

My daughter and I would giggle together at the way the faces would turn out!


This one was the funniest of them all!


Kids love to make a scene and parents are happy to give them a creative outlet with Sevi’s new 2015 line of play sets that puts the focus on Pirates, Airports, Fashion and Faces, among other themes. U.S. importer and distributor Magicforest brings these beloved European toys to American households. These toys would fit well into the following story themes:
· Creativity
· Construction (STEM)
· Pretend Play
· Parent/child or cooperative play


Sevi Magnetic Playsets • Ages 3+ • $30
Each of the four themes: Circus, Four Seasons, Faces and Fashion offer brightly colored magnets adorned with realistic artwork. Each box is easy to close and carry to take on a trip. It also stores perfectly on the bookshelf.


Sevi Eco-friendly Playsets • Ages 3+ • $23 to $33
Made from newly designed soft materials that are non-toxic and eco-friendly, these four playsets offer a colorful and meaningful play experience for both girls and boys. Patience, dexterity and motor skills will quickly develop as kids become mesmerized in the building process. Of all the moms, Mother Nature applauds these delightful kits the loudest. From a watering can to a wedding, Sevi launches four themed eco-friendly playsets that get imaginations soaring yet treat little fingers to soft materials.

Each kit, like the Play Set Sweet Home ($33) boasts recyclable materials. Play Set Family ($33), Play Set Pirates ($23) and Play Set Airport ($33) round out the collection.


Pop the shapes out of the sheet and build a Pirate ship with 48 different pieces that includes a canon, gangplank and shark. Eeek! Sevi’s enchanting Sweet Home with its brick pathway, garden trellis and pet includes 108 pieces to place in the perfect spot.

The Family themed set invites youngsters to a wedding with the whole family. It takes 77 pieces to place everyone and everything in perfect harmony! Ahhhh.


The 61-piece Airport features a tarmac, planes, passengers and pilots. Mom and Dad will want to pitch in with the initial build of these soft sets for younger kids. Then they can sit back and watch as their youngster’s emerging imagination and storytelling expands.

Best of all, dexterity and fine motor skills are strengthened much like with a wooden play puzzle or sorting toy. Look for them online at http://www.bonjourpetit.com/collections/sevi and in specialty stores. You can look through the styles on this page, too.

About Sevi:
In toy years Sevi is Europe’s oldest wooden toymaker — 184 years! Their 2015 Collection of play sets offer a new direction in creative fun. And when kids slow down to play with these captivating sets, important skills develop from concentration and patience to boundless creativity. Geared for tots ages 3 and up, the play sets are fun for the whole family with their mix and match amusement.
All Sevi designs originate in Italy by specially trained toy designers.

Sevi products are produced in the Far East in a Trudi-run factory employing local artisans under fair and safe working conditions.
All Sevi products have been thoroughly and rigorously tested by an independent lab, and meet or exceed all European and US federal regulations for children’s toys. Parents never need worry about the quality or safety of any Sevi product.

All Sevi products are extremely durable, eco-friendly, and kid safe.


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