Extreme Bloating – The Real Reason Why Compliments of POPSUGAR

I am obsessed with POPSUGAR! They have the best articles for EVERYTHING! I particularly love their diet and fitness articles.

When I saw the article about inexplicable, incurable, extreme bloating, I was intrigued. For some reason, my stomach is flat some days and other days it is so bloated and I never know why. I usually eat pretty healthy, but I like to splurge on the weekends, and often times my stomach flatness or bloating doesn’t seem to correlate with my good or bad eating habits. I learned from the woman in the article that after a long struggle to determine this cause, that the culprit is STRESS. Just another thing stress does to wreak habit on our bodies. You’ve got to read more about this in the article below. Let’s say cheers to managing stress and getting flat bellies! Check it out here!


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