Elmo’s World Hide & Seek Game

My kids love to play hide & seek. At three and four years old, they don’t quite get the concept of staying hidden until someone can find you, but they squeal with delight when they are “found” and when they have to find someone else. That’s why I love Identity Games’ new Elmo’s World Hide & Seek game ($19.99 on Amazon). It builds upon the traditional rules of hide and seek but builds in the popular Sesame Street character known and loved by children everywhere!


The game is simple and can be played by babies as young as six months up to kids, like mine, who are toddler-aged. It consists of a battery-powered (it takes AAA batteries) plastic Elmo figure and a set of 24 location cards that show popular objects and items on them. When the Elmo figure is switched on, he makes a variety of sounds every several seconds or so, alerting seekers to Elmo’s location. Elmo will make statements such as “Try to find Elmo!” or “Yay, you found Elmo!”

The game can be played several ways, based on the age of the child. Babies and very young toddlers can play Level 1 of the game, which simply consists of covering the Elmo doll with a cloth or handkerchief and playing peekaboo. Level 2 involves selecting several objects, placing them within a few feet of a young child and hiding Elmo within or behind one of the objects. The child will then hear the sounds of the figure and try to find it.

We opted for Level 3, which incorporated the 24 location cards. I chose three cards, not showing them to my children, and chose one of the locations to hide the Elmo figure. I then showed the cards to my kids, telling them that Elmo was hidden in one of those three location depicted on the cards. They then had to use the “clues” represented by the cards as well as the sounds coming from the Elmo figure to find it. We also played a variation of this by having each hider choose one card as a suggestion of where to hide Elmo (not showing the card to the seekers). And finally, we played without the cards altogether and got creative about where to hide him!


Both kids loved the game and had fun not only looking for the hidden object but also listening for the sound clues. It’s a great indoor game for a rainy day and puts a creative spin on classic hide and seek. And for a limited time, we’re giving away an Elmo’s World: Hide & Seek game to one lucky U.S. winner!

Elmo’s World: Hide & Seek toy giveaway

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