Eczema Cure: Weleda Skin Food

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My son suffers from terrible eczema. I feel like we are constantly battling it! I have tried everything under the son. He is constantly being lathered in some type of lotion or oil after a bath. It’s awful to watch him itch especially at night. Well I was at a Communion party over the weekend and was talking to a mother who told me to try this stuff called Weleda Skin Food. She says she swears by it and uses it for a lot of skin reactions. I thought I will try anything and ordered it immediately. It came about two days ago and let me tell you I am very impressed with the initial results. This stuff worked and worked fast. It is a very thick cream with a very pleasant citrus smell. The cream really coats the skin which I think is the key in it’s ability to work so well. I am going to be using this everynight and I will follow up with a before and after picture. Fingers crossed! I might have found the cure for eczema!


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  • Shavaun

    Have you tried Mustela stelatopia milk bath? It works great, too. Going to try this one also.



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