DIY ~ Homemade Crayon Valentine’s Gift

Valentine’s Day use to be such an easy holiday at school.  Go to the store, pick up some cute, inexpensive “to: from:” “be mine” cards.  Then it grew into “please bring in a small treat”, which wasn’t so bad.  Just add a little Dum Dum sucker, or smarties to the card…perfect!  Then we were thrown another curve ball! NO FOOD, NO SWEETS! WHAT?! So last year my children must have come home with 15 pencils and 15 erasers!  That is great and thoughtful, of coarse, but there had to be something a little more fun!  So I was determined to find out what it was!

My middle guy is our “Van Gogh”, and by that I mean he truly enjoys art and all that is creative. So creating his own crayons to give to his classmates was a blast for him to do!  And these little mixed crayon hearts turned out adorable and awesome (if your an 8 year old boy that’s what you want…awesome!).

Items Needed…old Crayola Crayons, cutting board, knife, bowl, silicone heart pan


  • First, we took old crayons and unwrapped them (HINT…use a sharp knife to slice the paper from top to bottom and will come right off).
  • Then you need to cut the crayons up into small pieces and put into a bowl.
  • Next, put several different colors of the crayon pieces into a silicon heart shaped pan, be sure to fill close to the top.
  • Then bake in the oven at 250 degrees from 15 minutes.
  • Let harden and cool before gently removing each heart.
  • Lastly, attach them to any homemade Valentine’s Day card, or one of your favorites from the store!

Enjoy making a NON SWEET…SWEET CRAFT with your kiddos!




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