Decorative Sand and Jewel Vases

My mother-in-law and I went to Solia Spa for facials and when we were wondering around the waiting room when we spotted these gorgeous decorative sand and jewel vases.


I was raving to my mother-in-law about how pretty they are and how great they would look as a centerpiece on my island in my kitchen. She told me that she thought they would be easy to replicate with some sand and jewels from a craft store.


To my surprise, I came home from work one day and there they were sitting on my island! They are so pretty and I just love this idea for any room in the house. The pictures don’t do them justice because for some reason the sparkles aren’t shining like usual in the picture.

This is a fun craft for you and your child to do together as well. Just don’t let them spill the sand!




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