You can tell when I am a little stressed because my cuticles look like I have taken things out on them. I have never been a nail biter, but always a cuticle biter. Both are pretty gross when you think about the germ factor. It’s not a good habit by any means and it’s one that I don’t even think of that often until I have gone a little too far. My perspective changed on this habit when we went to a Columbus Blue Jackets hockey game and the girl sitting next to me had more than just a bad habit with the nail biting. It was a horrible compulsion. She literally had her fingers in her mouth the entire game and when I looked over at her fingers, she barely had a finger nail on any of her fingers…they were more like nubs. Her family did not mention anything about the nail biting to her the entire game, so this must have been the norm. But it wasn’t the norm for me. It was an eye opener as to how this habit looked on someone. Don’t let your children form this germy habit of self abuse. Find out the root cause and if possible, nip it in the bud before it ever goes this far!

What is your annoying bad habit?