Choco Treasure Chocolate Eggs with Hidden Toys!

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For kids waking up Easter Sunday, it’s all about the hunt. And the best part about any Easter egg hunt is finding the treasure! For Easter 2016, the hunt gets a bit easier but even more exciting, with a Swiss milk chocolate treasure egg from Choco Treasure and a toy prize from licenses like Kung Fu Panda 3, Minions or Hello Kitty inside.

Choco Treasure combines premium milk chocolate from Switzerland, interactive toy surprises that are safe for all ages, and a patented capsule that separates the chocolate egg halves to create a fun, safe, exciting and delicious treat for kids. Every toy in Choco Treasure is either wearable, playable, stickable, or buildable – and every toy is collectible.

Hunt down the new 2016 Dreamworks, Minions, Hello Kitty, and Cutest Baby Animals treasures for everyone on the Easter list:



My kids loved these choco eggs! Their favorite toy was the slap bracelets. Sean was trying to collect all of them. I had these hidden and I would find them keep going in there for more. Who wouldn’t love chocolate with a toy inside. This is such a great idea for Easter! Buy a few of these and you can hide the little boxes all over, or take the foil wrapped egg and put in in another eggs. Sean already asked me where we can buy more of these he can’t live without them : )

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Choco Treasure is great all-year long, but even more so for Easter – either in the basket or egg hunt. Choco Treasure ($1 to $1.99) is a 2-for-1 delight for kids of all ages! Millions of YouTube egg opening videos only begin to highlight the excitement of a child opening a treasure egg. A kid’s anticipation and broad smile as they open a Choco Treasure egg is rare at any price. And that’s really no surprise – when they open their real milk chocolate eggs, kids can discover slap bracelets, figurines, 3-D vertical puzzles, magnets, or even a full 52-card deck of mini playing cards!

Parents too love the sweet treat’s affordable price, creamy milk chocolate, and 60 calorie serving size (the kids don’t need to know about that). Choco Treasure is a great way to give kids a small treat for now, and a fun toy – for now and later! In fact, many of the same types of toys (slap bracelets, figurines, etc.) found inside Choco Treasure are actually for sale separately in stores for more than the cost of Choco Treasure.

In 2016, there are more than 100 new interactive toys inside four different editions of Choco Treasure. Hunting for a specific treasure can now be as engrossing as an actual treasure egg hunt!

You can purchase them online here. Or at retailers nationwide, including Walmart, Target, 5 Below and CostPlus World Market, make that easy this Easter.

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Candy Treasure believes in making candy that we’d want our kids to eat. Or anyone, for that matter. What that means is we use top quality ingredients. No high fructose corn syrup or trans-fat or partially hydrogenated anything. Our candy tastes delicious but it isn’t lunch. Or dinner. And certainly not breakfast. But it is a great treat. We want Candy Treasure, LLC to be the company you wish you worked for. And not just because that would mean you’d probably get free candy, but because we make fun and innovative candy products that make kids happy.


  1. Melinda Masiulis says:

    My kids are going to go jumping up and down crazy happy to get these. Especially the koala, husky and kungfu panda panda. Thank you for the article!

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