Cauliflower NOTS

Like most moms, I struggle to get my kids to eat their vegetables. So when I saw that Green Giant came out with cauliflower Veggie Tots, I got excited. Tater tots that are healthy cauliflower instead of potato? Sign me up!


Last night we tried them. I baked them for a little longer than the suggested 14-17 minutes, since we tend to like our tots crispy. At first bite, I thought, “not bad!” But as they cooled, they became increasingly greasy and just… weird. Strange texture, odd shape… something you definitely would not mistake for a tater tot. Even though I baked them nearly twice as long as indicated, they were still pretty mushy. My kids, who are, by admission, relatively picky, weren’t impressed. My son tried a piece and left the rest; my daughter put a small speck in her mouth and spit it out. And my husband agreed with me: although they are palatable when smothered in ketchup, we’d rather risk the few extra calories and have the real thing!

Green Giant also makes broccoli Veggie Tots, so maybe we’ll try those next. In the meantime, if you want to eat more cauliflower via a more delicious route, try this cauliflower soup. Tip: roast a few cloves of garlic with the cauliflower to up the garlic flavor. Plus your kitchen will smell divine while it’s cooking!


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