It’s 11am and I am already trying to decide the BIG question….”What’s for DINNER?” I don’t know about anyone else but I feel like that is a loaded question. With three very different kiddos and three very different appetites it seems to be a loose loose. Then there is the fact that my husband and I try to use the weekdays to eat as healthy as possible so we can enjoy our weekend date nights!

After looking through my fridge I realized I had 2 whole cauliflower heads that I hadn’t used on a veggie tray (not that exciting!) but didn’t want them to spoil. So I started searching for ideas and fell upon Parmasean Roasted Cauliflower recipe. Best part…ALL ingredients in my pantry/fridge and no shopping needed! SCORE

My kids loved this side dish (Grilled BBQ Chicken) and it looked beautiful!

Here’s the recipe!  Enjoy!


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