Tech Will Save Us Electro Guitar Kit

In addition to the Electro Dough kit we received from Tech Will Save Us, we also had a chance to check out one of their newest products: the Electro Guitar Kit ($34.99), which kids can use to build their very own electric guitar and amp from scratch! The kit comes with pop-out cardboard pieces to build the structure of the guitar, as well as additional parts for the guitar strings and the amp. Kids are instructed to head online to read {Read More}

E-Blox Circuit Builder

Spring Break this week means lots of extra time with the kiddos, aka running out of ideas by Wednesday! On top of that, we’ve had horrible weather in NE Ohio so far this spring, so yet again we’re cooped up inside the house. I was so grateful when the package was delivered with our new E-Blox Circuit Builder play set. And wow, what a treat this toy ended up being! My son loves all STEM-focused toys and activities, and we {Read More}

UserIQ Simplifies Customer Service

Memorable customer service: we all know how it feels when we encounter a product or service that seems customized to our needs. We also know how it feels when we receive BAD customer service, and often that is even more memorable. And if you work in a business where your success is measured on customer adoption rates and product sales, then you’re always looking for ways to improve the experience customers have with you.     UserIQ knows your struggle, {Read More}

My First Lab deserves a “Wow!” for WOW Scope

From the creators at My First Lab , WOW Scope is awesome! My 7-yr-old up to my 12-yr-old nephew, they were both literally saying, “Wow!” It is very easy to set up and you can start using as soon as you add batteries. We started with the included specimens but were quickly looking at everything from coins to fingerprints to strands of our hair! Very happy we got this because it’s a learning tool without being a boring tool! The {Read More}

Positive Parenting with Kudo Banz

Positive parenting… we’ve all heard about, we’ve all tried it, but it’s easier said than done when your kids are acting up and just generally being brats! Enter Kudo Banz, an exciting new product that promotes the ideals of positive parenting in way that’s easy for you and fun for your kids! Kudo Banz promises to teach “kids to listen without yelling so you can spend your family time more positively.” Where do I sign up?! Enter the Kudo Banz {Read More}

Paper-to-digital coloring books

When I was a kid, my mom would hang torn-out, scribbled-upon pages from coloring books on the walls and the refrigerator. I took great pride in my “creations” and the way they were shared with other members of my family. Today, coloring pages can be shared in so many more ways, thanks to products like the My Little Pony Coloring Book Set & Digital Crayon Stylus ($7.99), one of the newest offerings from Painting Lulu™ by Flycatcher. This groundbreaking product delivers {Read More}

unGlue Your Kids From Screen Time!

This is an app parents have been dreaming of since all these gadgets were created. unGlue is a free app for kids and their parents to help kids break their screen addictions and manage their own time in a healthier way! This is how it works: Parents download the free app on their phone, then you download the kids app on the kids device. You set the time allowed on the device, you track the time, you can view what {Read More}

Get “Qurious”

Smartphones and tablets are clearly here to stay. I’m a fan of tools and activities that embrace the use of these devices, rather than unrealistically coming down on moms for allowing their children too much “screen time.” Kids play differently than I did when I was a child, but imagination and storytelling still reign supreme. Thus I was excited recently to discover the Get Qurious Maker Box, which combines the best of both worlds. Get Qurious is a company that {Read More}

UnGlue Your Kids From Their Devices with This Clever App!

Are your kids addicted to their devices? In this day and age it’s hard not to be. Sometimes I will someone would unGlue me from my phone. Many companies have devised technology and apps to help parents control the amount of time kids spend online. unGlue has developed a service that helps kids develop their own best habits and smart choices for how much time they spend online within their parents’ defined boundaries. There is no denying that children have {Read More}

Circuit Scribe Is For More Than Just Kids This Holiday Season!

  Giving the gift of the Circuit Scribe this holiday season will definitely put you on the “Favorite List”! Circuit Scribe allows you to draw your own circuits while putting a fun twist on it for youngsters. When I ordered the Ultimate Kit, I had no idea what to expect. Boy, was I happy! There are tons of different ways to experiment with the included pieces. There is a very detailed information booklet that lays out lots of different scenarios. This is a {Read More}