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Here’s another favorite of ours that we made this evening:

approx. 12 carrots
4 apples, quartered
1 small bunch of red grapes
1 english cucumber
1/2 a bunch of celery

Juice above ingredients with the juicer of your choice.
Stir and Serve.

The remaining fiber is great to use in baked goods – quick breads, muffins or even cookies. Or, add to your compost pile.

Another great choice for pregnant mommies, nursing mommies and children. Our three-year gobbles this up.

Yes, that is a giant bag of carrots you see in the one photo above. We purchase a 25 lb bag of juicing carrots from our local Whole Foods – @wholefoodschg. They are also available at EarthFare and Mustard Seed Markets (call ahead though, the giant juicing bag isnt always in stock.)