Cantina Laredo adds a Mexican Flare to Crocker Park, Westlake


It does not need to be Tuesday in our house in order to enjoy tacos and guacamole, which is why I was beyond excited when I saw that Crocker Park (Westlake, Ohio) fianlly opened Cantina Laredo!  My husband had taken two of our children for dinner and was raving about it therefore, the following evening they all begged for us to return as a family.  Honestly, you do not have to twist my arm to enjoy and nice dinner outside of the house.

As we walked up the “alley” of Crocker Park that boasts places like Clossal Cupcakes, Kernels by Chrissie and Cleveland Clothing Company (all of which are some of my favorite places) you will run right into Cantina Laredo.  The building is very inviting, fresh, contempary, 2 large patios and a bar that has garage doors that make you feel like your enjoying the outside while sitting cooling off inside.

After we were greated by a very friendly hostess and seated we started to preview the menu.  I was very happy to see that it was more upscale than some of our local Mexican hot spots, but not so much so that the kids wouldn’t know what they were eating!

It was Ladies Night so I ordered a Casa Rita, the lime juice was fresh and it was delicious!  Cantina Laredo offers tableside guacamole…YES…that is correct!  You can choose from many ingrediants, jalapeño, cilantro, tomato, onion, queso and more!  This is a must order…my kids enjoyed watching them make it and also picking out their own toppings.

Wanting to try as much as possible we tried to order things that we could sample amongst eachother.  My son order steak fijatas which were honeslty the best I have had! The steak was lean and tender, not chewy, and the marinade was devine!

I ordered the Cancun, which consists of a Seared ground sirloin enchilada with chili con carne and cheddar,
chicken enchilada with poblano sour cream sauce, crispy beef taco with shredded lettuce, tomato and cheddar cheese.  Clearly, much of this needed to be taken home, but it was a great way to get a taste of it all!

My husband had the Alcapoco, which was a Spicy pulled beef tamale with chili con carne, onion and cheddar, chicken enchilada with sour cream sauce, cheese enchilada with chili con carne and cheddar, crispy beef taco with shredded lettuce, tomato and cheddar cheese.

The great thing about this venue is if your children are not yet into the taco scene they have chicken fingers on the menu! Horray!  As sad as it is, this is often the reason we can not venture out to some of the great Mexican places around town.

To finish off this amazing meal my children coaxed me into ordering the Tres Chocolate Brownie..WOW!! The presentaion was so neat and it was beyond tasty! This brownie dessert was prepared with pecans and walnuts on a sizzling skillet with Mexican brandy butter and vanilla ice cream.  AMAZING!

Our server, Sydia, was very helpful with the menu and kind to the kids.  She was wonderful and made our dining experience even more enjoyable.


Cantina Laredo nailed it!  Love it there and will be happy to return soon!

Cantina Laredo

2004 Crocker Park

Westlake, OH




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