According to Us Weekly it was Brandi Glanville that was cheating on her husband Eddie Cibrian. Sources have confirmed to Us Weekly that Glanville, 40 was the one caught cheating on Cibrian, 39, multiple times during their marriage. They even state an incident where Brandi slept with someone six weeks after giving birth to her second child.

Glanville denied every claim of cheating to the magazine. She also tweeted this morning:


The timing of all this is great. In Brandi’s upcoming tell-all book “Drinking and Tweeting” Glanville writes about the very awkward moment she knew her husband was cheating on her with country singer LeAnn Rimes – during a double date with Rimes and her then-husband Dean Sheremet that ended with Cibrian and Rimes singing “I Got You Babe.”