Baby Powder to Untangle Necklace Knots


I have a favorite necklace that I wear most days of the week. Sometimes I’ll switch it out for a statement necklace though. Somehow between taking it off to switch it up, knots have appeared in the thin chain of my necklace…ugh!

One of my friends just happened to mention to me that she heard that baby powder can help remove knots from necklace chains. I decided to test it out and give it a try.

I place some baby powder on a paper towel and found the most convenient sharp, thin object I could find to help undo the knot.
Then I poured the baby powder on the chain and picked up and started moving it a bit with my thumb and middle finger. Then I placed it on the paper towel and rolled the knot around and it started to loosen up! I quickly grabbed the seam ripper (my sharp object) and was able to undo the knot. What a success!


I tried it with another knot and was unsuccessful but my eyes were also pretty tired from looking at the small knots and chain links. I decided that one knot it better than two in my necklace and called it a night. So I would give this method a success rate of fifty percent. I will probably give it another try again soon though since I don’t want any knots in my favorite necklace.

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