• Salt Fork Lodge

    Salt Fork Lodge

    Happy Valentine’s Day! This past weekend my husband and I traveled south on 77 for about 90 minutes to spend a couple of days at Salt Fork Lodge & Conference Center in Lore City, Ohio. We had such a great time! Located near Cambridge and in Ohio’s largest state park, […]

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  • Get “Qurious”

    Get “Qurious”

    Smartphones and tablets are clearly here to stay. I’m a fan of tools and activities that embrace the use of these devices, rather than unrealistically coming down on moms for allowing their children too much “screen time.” Kids play differently than I did when I was a child, but imagination […]

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  • In a Lunch Rut?

    In a Lunch Rut?

    It’s lunchtime… what to eat? The kids are happy with their PB&J, but you’re looking for something a little more exciting. And if it’s healthy, that’s an added bonus. My sister passed along a recipe for Sweet Potato and Chickpea Salad on to me a few weeks ago, and WOW, […]

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  • The four of us hanging out in one bed at the Hampton Inn

    Surviving Hotels with Kids

    I love hotels. I love the way they smell, the breakfast buffet, the mini shampoo samples and the excitement of being away from home. I always have, ever since I was a child. So it’s no surprise, now that I have children of my own, to see that they also […]

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  • Budget Boxes

    Budget Boxes

    Have you tried Birchbox? It’s a monthly, mail-order beauty subscription service: you sign up, and each month you get a box with five customized health and beauty sample-size products. I subscribed for a couple of years and loved it, but I could never justify buying full-size versions of the products […]

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  • Cauliflower NOTS

    Cauliflower NOTS

    Like most moms, I struggle to get my kids to eat their vegetables. So when I saw that Green Giant came out with cauliflower Veggie Tots, I got excited. Tater tots that are healthy cauliflower instead of potato? Sign me up! Last night we tried them. I baked them for […]

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  • Resolutions


    Happy New Year! I’m thrilled to be joining the Momfabfun team as a contributor. It’s a great way for me to kick off 2017 by trying something new. If you’re like me, a new year provides an opportunity to shrug off anything holding you back in the previous year and […]

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