• Best At Home Margaritas

    Best At Home Margaritas

    My husband knows how much I love Mexican food and margaritas, so he surprised me last Friday night with this amazing margarita recipe and some chips and salsa. The key is that he did not chince out on the ingredients. I hate to be a liquor snob, but the hangover […]

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  • Gorgeous Ombre Lips

    Gorgeous Ombre Lips

    I was watching the E! Channel a last week and learned about OMBRE LIPS. Out with the hair and in with the lips. I saw some really extreme versions of ombre lips, and more subtle versions as pictured compliments of www.craftionary.net. I really liked this picture and am thinking I […]

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  • Going Old School with Coffee

    Going Old School with Coffee

    I read an article the other day about simple ways to cut calories and this really stood out in my mind. How many of you buy those fancy schmancy coffees every day loaded with anywhere from 300-500 calories? Don’t get me wrong because I love the taste of those delicious […]

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  • My Organizing Advice in 2014…Unsubscribe

    My Organizing Advice in 2014…Unsubscribe

    I know we are well under way in the new year, but I am all about getting organized in 2014. I have been trying to get my closet organized and donate things that I don’t need or use. There is a Planet Earth donation box really close to my house […]

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  • La Croix 100% Natural Sparkling Water

    La Croix 100% Natural Sparkling Water

    I went over Courtney’s house the other night and she offered me a La Croix to drink. I had never had one and it was delicious! I tried the coconut flavor and absolutely loved it! I am a huge water drinker and all about staying hydrated. I drink water all […]

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  • Healthy Snacks for Work or Anywhere

    Healthy Snacks for Work or Anywhere

    How many times have you been at work and yet there’s ANOTHER cake being served to celebrate someone’s birthday, work anniversary or retirement? There is actually a Seinfeld episode about this!!!!! Then there are all of those family birthdays…spouse, kids, grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, mother-in-law, father-in-law, sister, sister-in-law, brother, brother-in-law, […]

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  • Excellence Punta Cana

    Excellence Punta Cana

    We tried our first “all inclusive” last year at Beaches, Turks and Caicos and we are hooked! On vacation, we like to eat and drink, so all inclusive just makes sense. Plus, the convenience of having everything included and never having to worry about taking your purse/wallet anywhere makes vacation […]

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  • I Love Lulu Lemon!  It’s Worth the Price!

    I Love Lulu Lemon! It’s Worth the Price!

    Cheap is expensive! Any time I have “chinced out” (as me and my husband like to call it), I am disappointed and wish I would have just forked it over. We all know of those go-to shortcuts we can take with some purchases, but for the most part, when you […]

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  • PINK Boyfriend Pants

    PINK Boyfriend Pants

    I had the flu a couple of weeks ago and had the chills and was achy from head to toe. That feeling stinks!! I could NOT get warm. So, I put on a sweatshirt and my PINK boyfriend sweatpants. Those sweatpants are the softest, most comfortable sweatpant I have ever […]

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  • Winter Blues?

    Winter Blues?

    I looked out my window this morning and saw that it snowed AGAIN today! Living in Ohio, we all know what winter is like and what to expect each year, but sometimes it seems like the snow will never end. Some years are colder than others and some years we […]

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