• Kid’s Cute Placemat

    Kid’s Cute Placemat

    Having trouble getting your little one to sit at the dinner table long enough to actually eat dinner? Try making them a personalized placemat! All you need is an 11×17 colorful piece of construction paper, pictures, and items to decorate (stickers, markers, etc.). Embellish both sides if you’re feeling up for […]

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  • Oribel-Cocoon High Chair is a Must Have!

    Oribel-Cocoon High Chair is a Must Have!

      “The Oribel-Cocoon High Chair is so cool!” That’s what I hear every time someone walks into my house.  It’s the Cocoon™, a must-have miracle on wheels that supports babies 6-months and older through daily cat naps, feedings and eventually a seat at the kitchen table! Cocoon – The Complete High […]

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