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One of my favorite things to do is bargain shop (or shop in general, but not necessarily purchase – I just like the hunt) whether at discount retailers like @TJMaxx and @HomeGoods or vintage, salvage and antique stores. I find such pleasure unearthing treasures among all the other ‘stuff.’

This past weekend I managed to do both, swing through an antique mall and drop by a local Homegoods store. Here’s what I discovered at the antique mall:

1. I’ve been looking for a dresser/baby changing table for the nursery. It needs to be a proper height (in relation to me) so that changing diapers won’t become cumbersome. This little beauty might fit perfectly.

2. & 3. I LOVE mid-century furniture design. At this particular antique mall you rent space to display your wares. There is this guy who rents 1 possibly 2 booths and he has exquisite taste in mid-century goodies. I found this lamp and this bar cart.

4. A vintage Max Mara full length wrap coat – need I say more!

5. And look at this little girl, salmon pink tufted leather – what?!?! I loved it! I think there is beauty in age, but she needs a facelift.

6. I am Slovakian and I love the symbolism of butterflies. It spoke to me…

7. They called this a china cabinet, I call it a curio cabinet. I’d fill it with all my lovelies. Painted cherry red in a vintage kitchen (love those chrome legs), or maybe Kelley green in a garden cottage, or maybe the perfect cabinet for my art studio.

8. I love trunks and I’m not sure why. This one is magnificent, bound in leather with brass studs, secret drawers and a key! I want to meet the person who originally owned this trunk. What were they hiding in those hidden drawers? In my fantasy he was a tea smuggler from India. This would look great in my bedroom.

9. This is a beautiful necklace, classic, timeless and I love navy blue.

10. Chinese Foo Dog Bookends. These dogs, or lions as they are called in China, are always represented in pairs, one is female and the other is male, a manifestation of yin and yang. They are considered protectors in China, “the sacred guardians” and are associated with Buddha. They are beautiful, with a price tag to match.

11. A mid-century end table. Pristine condition, perfect next to a low profile sofa or chair.

12. Ganesha, Hindu Elephant Diety. He is the Lord of success and destroyer of evils and obstacles. He is also worshipped as the god of education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth. He would be a welcome addition to any home.


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