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I was so excited when I received my first ever Discover Our America box from the state of Georgia! It felt like I just got a birthday present in the mail! My husband and daughter gathered around to open it together and look at all of the goodies and information about the state of Georgia!


My daughter loved learning about the state of Georgia, which she has never visited before.


All of the items were extremely high quality and all of the food was organic and/or all natural.

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My husband loves to grill, so he was extremely excited about the BBQ sauce.


We eat a lot of peanut butter at our house since it’s a great source of protein. This peanut butter doesn’t get more natural than just peanuts and sea salt. It’s delicious!

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We taught our daughter about “Georgia peaches” when referencing how this jam was made.

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Reigniting passion and excitement for America starts with the children and families. It was so fun for us to receive this box in the mail to learn more about our surrounding states and our beautiful country.

This subscription is a perfect gift for people and families of all ages, no matter where they live. It’s a wonderful educational experience, but also has a lot of excitement around the original, high quality items in the box.

For more information on these boxes and how to subscribe, visit

Discover Our America at

Each month, subscribers will receive 5-7 items (mostly edible goods) that outline the state’s cultural and geographical significance to our great country.

Unlike most subscription boxes, we don’t want the focus solely on the food inside in the box. We want Discover Our America to reignite the passion to discover and learn about our great country.

We provide a photo-filled booklet inside each box that shares the story of the state and recommends places to see in hopes that it sparks a conversation about the state received that month.

Discover Our America at

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