pink sugar

My husband bought me Pink Sugar Perfume by Aquolina about five years ago as a gift and I instantly loved it. I have to say that no other perfume I have tried has compared to it since. I don’t like the old lady florally perfumes that remind me of my grandma, so most floral scents are out of the question for me. Then the last time I went shopping to buy a new fragrance about a month ago, I saw White Diamonds at the fragrance counter and it reminded me of what my mom wore when I was in high school. It smells really good but it just wasn’t me. Don’t laugh but I actually bought Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck and really like it. However, it doesn’t beat Pink Sugar. Every time I wear Pink Sugar, someone tells me “you smell soooooooooo good.” And I haven’t had that response with any other perfume.

What is your fragrance of choice?