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During my outing on Saturday I also made my way to @HomeGoods in Fairlawn, OH, one of my favorite stops on a treasure hunting adventure. Here’s what I found:

1.) I love butterflies and I love owls – they are both symbolic for me. This would be a perfect place to tuck a candle on a beautiful summer evening.

2.) I have a major crush on this lamp, it was really tall and had a great finial at the top and it’s beautiful color, like the interior of an avocado, but really bright. The shade was a little tinged, would need a replacement.

3.) Perfect side table for a reading chair, just enough space for a mug of tea and a stack of magazines.

4.) I’ve been decorating my beach house for years, this is the perfect lamp – those are sea shells! Funny thing is, I don’t have a beach house, and I really don’t want one, but I’d love to style the interior of one…

5.) Another major crush on this chair, I can’t get it off my mind. I might have to return and purchase it. They also had a set of blonde wood with blonde rattan seats, but I really love this one. I wish there were two.

6.) I frequently purchase mirrors for their shape and paint the frames to my liking. I found this one inspiring.

7.) Yes, this is in my cart, and now it’s in my bedroom, above my bed and it looks lovely! I’ll share a picture soon.

8.) In another one of my fantasy homes I have a meditation room. This is the perfect lamp for it.

9.) Isn’t this cute for a playroom or nursery, and it’s a rocker. Adorable!