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Out of all of the new great tv shows out there, I admit that I still DVR and watch The Bachelor. Every season they taunt you by saying it will be “the most dramatic season in Bachelor(ette) history” and it works every time. How many of these couples actually end up together? Let’s just say the odds are not very good. There is always some drama and usually it’s because people are arguing over who “is in it for the right reasons.” Have you ever counted how many times they say that phrase each episode?

Some of the moments on the show are so embarassing that you actually feel bad for the people. You would think they might filter their emotions a bit knowing that the world could be watching. The producers must be that good to get them talking and open up. And they always edit just right to make out someone to be the villan of the house, and then there’s always another person who has a girlfriend/boyfriend back home.

I am definitely in it to see who will find true love and be the recipient of the final rose. Will you be watching this season?