3 Cleaning Project Ideas for Kids!

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I’m sure everyone will agree with me when I say kids and organization are blood enemies. Even if you so much as try to sustain a tidy home and cleaning schedule, you’ll soon realize that this is quite hard when your triplets are running around and rearranging the rooms how they’d like better. And there is nothing wrong with that. They just now start to discover the world as it is and their curiosity is peaking. The way they interact with their environment is by experimenting with it. It’s a mere coincidence that this also happens to be your close-to-perfect house. There is no need to panic by the thought of their next project. Instead, give them an idea how they can start helping you around and with joint efforts you can pull this through.

Toys Are Not Us

A good place to start from, is teaching them they should always put back their toys after they’ve finished playing with them. The notorious Lego parts come to mind when we think of this and stepping on one of these can be worse than burning in the ninth circle of hell. Or perhaps one of these circles has floor made entirely of such sharp-edged bricks. Whatever the case may be, the habit of cleaning the floor of toys after playing with them is a very useful one and it will eventually make the kid feel more independent. An easy and fun way to do this is by putting stickers on the boxes where cars and dolls go, so that the kid knows exactly where this object belongs to. Or playing the Color game, in which you name a color and the have to pick up and put away every item that is that color.

What Do You Mean

When you assign your kid a cleaning task, make sure you’re specific enough. The child’s brain can be overwhelmed by the idea of cleaning their whole room or making their bed. Furthermore, their dexterity and coordination are just now starting to develop and not everything will be perfect. If you want to be successful in giving instructions, try saying something along the lines of “Put the dolls in their container” or “Pull the comforter up to the top of your bed”. When you show them you understand their capabilities and don’t expect them to perform miracles, they will be more willing to do what they’re told to.

Play Pretend

Kids learn and develop best through the act of role-playing. They’re getting used to the whole new world ahead of them, testing their limits and they want to try everything. Teaching them how to help you with the cleaning tasks can be best done by encouraging them to start their own cleaning company. Outfit them with the appropriate attire, including an apron and cleaning gloves, and enjoy their booming enthusiasm. Start with one room at a time and show them the proper way things should be done, when needed. To make things even more fun implement music in the whole game. They should be able to finish a certain part of the chores, like collecting all dirty dishes before the song is over.

Whichever strategy you choose, make sure you’re patient and assertive with them. Encourage your kids to love cleaning and an organized home, teach them this is the path to success. These are important lessons which are embedded in their mind and will prove to be quite useful later on.

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