Easy and Delicious Banana Bread

Have you ever wondered what to do with the last one or two bananas that no one will eat because it is “to ripe”?  My mom taught me to just throw them in the freezer and use them for a recipe!  One of her favorite things to make with the over ripe, frozen banana was Banana Nut Bread.  It’s almost like I can smell it fresh out of the oven as I write this. In need of something else to {Read More}

Smile Brilliant – Smile Fearlessly! Enter to win and coupon code

I’ve never had perfect teeth, but I’ve always tried to take good care of them. Twice-yearly dental appointments, twice-a-day brushing and flossing every day (at least when I remember). While I’m grateful that I’ve never had a cavity, I’ve been noticing lately that my teeth have appeared a little less than pearly white. I’m sure this is due to my steady three-cup-a-day coffee habit! Still, it’s a little embarrassing. Especially since my children recently described my teeth as being “yellow.” {Read More}

Perfect Craft Stepping Stone

Maybe it is because I love adding beauty to my backyard garden. Maybe it’s because both my boys could participate at the same time. Maybe it’s because the directions were so super easy to follow. Whatever the reason…..Perfect Craft Stepping Stone was my favorite craft to do with my kids EVER! Once we agreed that we were going to make the stepping stone about the year we got our first family dog, it took just one afternoon from start to {Read More}

Greater Cleveland Aquarium

As soon as we entered the Greater Cleveland Aquarium, the JAWS song played in my head. We were all psyched to see what this place was all about! Between the starfish, the sharks, and the piranha, we didn’t know where to start! Thank goodness they had so many super friendly staff members to point us in the right direction. The touch pools were an exciting surprise…..and not just one, but TWO!! One had stingray and the other had shrimp, snails, {Read More}

National Sunglasses Day – Huge One Day Sale at Broad View Eye Center on Wednesday, June 27

National Sunglasses Day is Wednesday, June 27 and we’re celebrating with a huge SALE!  Purchase sunglasses at either location on Wednesday, June 27 ONLY and receive up to 50% off (restrictions apply, see store for details). (440) 526-7070   |   |   www.broadvieweyecenter.com 403 E Royalton Rd #118, Broadview Heights, OH 44147

Top 4 Attractions to Visit in Norway

From Oslo’s modern flare to endless snow-capped mountain peaks and scenic fjords. Norway offers visitors an incredible blend of cultural and natural wonders. Picturesque waterfronts, historic churches, and incredible hiking trails can be found in every corner. Norway’s capital city, Oslo, is a vibrant and modern metropolis, but the countryside is what most people are drawn to. Take a trip to snowy mountains and stunning gorges. Or, explore the bustling nightlife of Norway’s largest cities. Below are four of Norway’s {Read More}

Summer Sandal Favorites

In celebration of the Sun and Summer Solstice, I thought it was necessary to talk SANDALS!  Today is a day worth celebrating (especially when living in Northeast Ohio)… the first day of Summer!!  If you listen carefully you may hear all of us from this side of the globe squeal in excitement! With that all being said, let us talk Sandals! This summer seems to be filled with texture and colors.  I definatley enjoy wearing my wedge heels, but when {Read More}

Ready…Set…GLOW with E-Blox!

Light-up building blocks……..YES PLEASE! Newcomer E-Blox tucked electric circuitry into building blocks to create a WOW effect. E-Blox is a small kit of Lego-compatible building blocks that offers the innovation of providing lights and electric current for projects. Kids learn STEAM skills through building, planning circuits, and playing with their creations. Oh yeah, and a ton of fun too! This product offers a unique twist on classic building, and is compatible with most common building sets. It is user friendly, {Read More}

Treat Yourself to a Facial at Studio XEL Salon in Richfield, OH

When was the last time you took some time out for yourself?  Every woman should make the time to get a facial.  It’s a great way to treat yourself, relax, and feel youthful.  I really enjoyed my recent facial at Studio XEL in Richfield! Arie gave me an amazing facial and I really enjoyed the experience!  They use all organic skincare products and my skin looked and felt so radiant after the facial. My daughter and I go to XEL for {Read More}

Every Kid’s Favorite Slime – Mythical Slime Unicorn Puddy

I don’t think this slime trend is ending any time soon.  My daughter is OBSESSED with slime and has been for a while now.  Her other favorite thing just happens to be unicorns, so you can only imagine her reaction when she found out there is such a thing as Mythical Slime Unicorn Puddy! You guessed it…she pretty much lost her mind!  She couldn’t wait to take them out and see what the Unicorn Snot, Kiss, Tears, and Booger slime {Read More}