Summer Fun with The Young Scientists Club – Science on a Tracking Expedition

My daughter loves to do STEM projects and activities, so we were thrilled when The Young Scientists Club – Science on a Tracking Expedition kit arrived! We enjoyed taking out all of the pieces and parts of the kit and exploring the activity lists. My daughter loved learning all of the various facts about the animals, especially what animals eat. After we emptied the contents of the box, we decided to go outside in the nature where the animals live {Read More}

Great Adventures Await at Great Wolf Lodge

Last weekend we decided to take a pre-summer getaway to the Lake Erie islands and Port Clinton/Sandusky area. While there, we had the opportunity to visit Great Wolf Lodge in Sandusky. We had the most amazing time from beginning to end! We decided to spend our morning exploring the dry activities on site. Our favorites included: Magiquest: What kid doesn’t love the idea of a magic wand unlocking secret messages? This popular adventure quest game has a strong presence at {Read More}

$22 Off Your First Month of Winc Wine

In honor of National Wine Day, I’d like to share a special offer with you! Winc Wine offers 4 personalized wines each month. Bottles start at $13 each. Winc is not your traditional wine club: it’s a direct-distribution global wine company that personalizes the entire wine experience! Winc is perfecting how wine is made, distributed, perceived and purchased via its Palate Profile quiz, which recommends wine based on your unique tastes. It’s the wine club for a new generation of wine {Read More}

Mama’s Jewelry Mother’s Rings

I’ve been searching for a new right-hand ring for some time. My go-to rings are a double stack of a silver filigree given to me by my parents decades ago and a faded moonstone ring I bought in Athens, Ohio when I was still a college student (let’s not talk about how long ago that was!). So, I’ve been looking for something more sophisticated and more indicative to my life now (plus something that provides a better match to my {Read More}

Smart Games: Asteroid Escape and Squirrels go Nuts!

Schools (almost) out for summer… which means hordes of kids screaming in delight and just as many crowds of parents panicking: “How am I going to keep them entertained all summer?” Sure, the iPads and on-demand TV shows get you so far, but after a while you get tired of the digital distractions and want something a little more tangible. Plus, what to do when you take that obligatory road trip to the beach or elsewhere? Smart Games has an {Read More}

Artful Mother’s Day at the Cleveland Museum of Art Mothers receive free admission to Eyewitness Views

The Cleveland Museum of Art hosts a day of programs to celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 13. Highlights include free admission for mom to the special exhibition Eyewitness Views: Making History in Eighteenth-Century Europe; the opportunity to view the newly redesigned Tiffany and Fabergé galleries; and Mother’s Day brunch at Provenance, the museum’s fine dining restaurant. Visitors can also enjoy guided tours of the collection, a curated and dynamic view of works celebrating mom in ARTLENS Gallery, and art-making {Read More}

Sleep Peacefully with London Johnson Sound Machine With 6 Sounds

It seems like I become a lighter and lighter sleeper as time goes on.  Thunder, birds, lawnmowers, and any other noise outside while I’m trying to sleep can wake me up or keep me up.  Sleep is not something I mess with, because it’s vital to get at least 6-7 hours each night to stay healthy and be able to function at my best.  I decided to see if some white noise could help and I haven’t slept better since!  {Read More}

Parents Don’t Have to Lose Sleep Anymore with the Big Red Rooster Adorable Puppy Sleep Training Alarm Clock

Sleep is definitely not overrated!  I have always loved my sleep but have to admit that as a parent, especially when your kids are in their own big boy or big girl bed, it can be really challenging to get enough sleep.  It’s difficult at times to get my daughter to stay in her room when it’s not time to wake up yet.  Or should I say it WAS challenging…that is until I found out about the Big Red Rooster {Read More}

Strictly Briks: AlphaBriks/MathBriks and Brik Buster

My kids are crazy for building blocks. Wood blocks, plastic blocks, foam blocks – the material doesn’t matter as long as the imagination is active. Mix interlocking blocks with basic number and letter elements and you have a recipe for success. Strictly Briks Brik Buster game ($29.99) and AlphaBriks/MathBriks ($24.99) toys are the perfect combination of building fanciful creations and learning one’s ABCs and 123s. Brik Buster instructs players to build towers of blocks and platforms and create a skyscraper of {Read More}