CUJO Smart Firewall Review #CUJO

Safety is important. Now you have to look at your home computer system and make sure it is safe as well. A Firewall is a software or hardware device that protects your computer from being attacked over the internet by hackers, viruses, and worms. My kids are on our home computer a lot! They are busy playing games, working on school learning websites, checking their progress report for their grades and homework. Now intruders don’t always break into your home, {Read More}


It’s 11am and I am already trying to decide the BIG question….”What’s for DINNER?” I don’t know about anyone else but I feel like that is a loaded question. With three very different kiddos and three very different appetites it seems to be a loose loose. Then there is the fact that my husband and I try to use the weekdays to eat as healthy as possible so we can enjoy our weekend date nights! After looking through my fridge {Read More}

Whiffer Sniffers Series 5 are Awesome Stuffed Animal Backpack Clip Accessories for Boys and Girls

When we went to the bus stop a few weeks ago, all of the kids had these little stuffed animals clipped to their backpacks. One of the little girls had eight of them on her backpack and I wasn’t even sure how she got all of them to fit on it. Come to find, these adorable little stuffed animals are Wiffer Sniffers! Not only are they adorable but they smell amazing! She immediately started clipping them onto her backpack and {Read More}

KidStuff Coupon Books: Schools RAISE Money…Families SAVE Money! #GIVEAWAY

With the beginning of every school years comes the fundraisers! We as parents and Moms love helping our children’s schools raise money to help assist in their education but some fundraisers I just do not enjoy. Like the one currently happening at my school the Magazine drive. I do not want to hit up friends and family members to sell magazines. I just don’t enjoy it. I also feel bad pressuring people to buy magazines. Which is why I like {Read More}

Family time – spent amongst the Sunflowers

  HOPE ~ LOVE ~ FAMILY ~ PRAYERS During a time where it seems that so many things around us are scary due to the insane behavior of mother nature and the sad stories you hear about so many people around us battling health issues we sometimes need a place to visit that is up-lifting. Wednesday night was an ordinary school night jam packed with homework and sports.  My husband was traveling and I messaged him in flight to say {Read More}

Alley Cat Oyster Bar Again

We love this restaurant and you can’t beat the view of the Cuyahoga River! We keep going back here for the seafood and the beautiful atmosphere, especially during the warm weather months. We love the lobster roll paired with Sauvignon Blanc. It’s fun to be downtown in the heart of such a wonderful city! The oysters are incredible and very fresh! I love their shrimp cocktail, too.

Best Couples Trip – Excellence, Playa Mujeres

Having time together as a couple without kids is so important, but I don’t need to tell you that. We had the best time on our couples trip months back at Excellence, Playa Mujeres. The resort had just opened and everything was brand new, gorgeous and top of the line! The French Restaurant is always our favorite and any all inclusive resort. It’s usually one of the more fancy evenings where we get really dressed up. The presentation of the {Read More}

Elmo’s World Hide & Seek Game

My kids love to play hide & seek. At three and four years old, they don’t quite get the concept of staying hidden until someone can find you, but they squeal with delight when they are “found” and when they have to find someone else. That’s why I love Identity Games’ new Elmo’s World Hide & Seek game ($19.99 on Amazon). It builds upon the traditional rules of hide and seek but builds in the popular Sesame Street character known {Read More}

Never Tie Shoe Laces Again! @Hickies

Hate tying your kids’ shoes everyday before they step out of the house? Hate stopping to tie your own shoes mid-run? HICKIES products turn any pair of sneakers into convenient, comfortable, and stylish slip-ons that are perfect for any activity from recess play to Mom and Dad’s triathlons. Features: Works in any shoe with eyelets. One size fits all. Elastic material keeps shoes secure and comfortable. Never tie again! Play uninterrupted. Fun look, without messy knots and bows. Adjustable {Read More}

Ladies Love a LettuceLuck!

LettuceLuck….my cutesie take on a Potluck! Or call it a Salad Share. Whatever you call it, do yourself a favor and get a few friends together for some yummy greens and even better toppings! We were so tired of the lame lunch options all the time while staying healthy. We did this on a workday when everyone only had an hour to spare. To save time, chop/dice/slice ahead of time. Here’s what you need: Get a group text going. Everyone {Read More}