My Little Pediatrician Kit and Giveaway!

Is there a doctor in the house? There might be with the new set of toys from Little Medical School. Little Medical School has launched a retail line of kid-size healthcare wear, gear and activity items and they align perfectly with the need for more STEM products. I wish I had these toys earlier. My younger son Sean has been in and out of hospitals since the day he was born. He was born with a rare genetic disorder and {Read More}

SackPals Are Soft, Cuddly, and Fun!

SackPals are these adorable little stuffed animals that come with a plush, soft sleeping bag. The stuffed animal pals actually stick to the sleeping bag with velcro. The cozy sack and little pals have replaced my daughter’s go-to sleep buddy, a sheep named Ba, that she has been sleeping with since she was six months old. When my daughter first opened the SackPals, she didn’t know what to expect. Then one by one, she took out the animals and fell {Read More}

Adagio Teas Review

Adagio Teas was founded in 1999 by Sophie Kreymerman and her two sons, Michael and Ilya. They quickly blossomed into one of the largest online tea retailers. Adagio Teas realized very few people knew there was anything other than supermarket tea. Their goal was to expand the gourmet tea market. Their web site has won numerous awards for its design and ease of use. Adagio’s product line includes over 100 blends of black, white, green, oolong, herbals, tropical, rooibos and {Read More}

Sunday Brunch at Mustard Seed Market and Café, Montrose Location

If you are looking for an amazing brunch where you can order fresh, organic juices and food, check out Mustard Seed Market and Café. You can order off the menu or get their brunch. They serve wonderful mimosas or non-alcoholic fruit beverages. The Montrose location is most convenient for me, so I always go there. This a fun place to meet friends and family for any meal, but Sunday brunch. They even had live music during brunch when I was {Read More}

Positive Parenting with Kudo Banz

Positive parenting… we’ve all heard about, we’ve all tried it, but it’s easier said than done when your kids are acting up and just generally being brats! Enter Kudo Banz, an exciting new product that promotes the ideals of positive parenting in way that’s easy for you and fun for your kids! Kudo Banz promises to teach “kids to listen without yelling so you can spend your family time more positively.” Where do I sign up?! Enter the Kudo Banz {Read More}

My Gnome on the Roam

Summer is so BUSY. Games and camps and vacations and before you know it, September is upon us. I love anything that encourages us to slow down a little and really spend time together as a family, which is why I’m so excited about My Gnome on the Roam. Think along the lines of Elf on the Shelf or Flat Stanley but more interactive, more personal and perhaps more applicable to the hectic lives we all lead. The mission of {Read More}

I Dip You Dip We Dip – New Dip Nails in Broadview Heights At Beauty Zone with Sue

Shellac is out and the Dip is in with SNS Signature Nails. There aren’t many salons in the Cleveland area that have this new nail service. But Sue Hoover at Beauty Zone just purchased the system and is able to offer this new service. My nails have never looked healthier and shinier! I have received so many compliments! This process is odor free! You will appreciate the fact that the SNS application virtually eliminates chemical odors! It’s an easy and {Read More}