People Blocks from People Toy Company

People Toy Company has come up with another great imaginative and brain building toy! Check out People Blocks! These creative first-building-blocks are designed to grow as your toddler (and the siblings) flourish through the preschool years. At 12 months old, the large blocks are easy to lift and stack as the hidden magnets allow each piece to “click” with another. At age 2+, tots may notice patterns, colors and angles. This is the best time for them to develop combinations {Read More}

Great Gifts for Mom – From Jazzy June Bug!

Looking for a perfect gift for Mom. Check out all the wonderful gifts our friends at Jazzy June Bug have. They were just featured on Fox 8 News – Cleveland showcasing all their new items. Awesome job Girls! Check out all their items online: Jazzy June Bug

3 Cleaning Project Ideas for Kids!

I’m sure everyone will agree with me when I say kids and organization are blood enemies. Even if you so much as try to sustain a tidy home and cleaning schedule, you’ll soon realize that this is quite hard when your triplets are running around and rearranging the rooms how they’d like better. And there is nothing wrong with that. They just now start to discover the world as it is and their curiosity is peaking. The way they interact {Read More}

Ditzy Patchwork Silk Diamond Scarf by Echo

Echo is a leader in creating innovative and beautifully designed fashion accessories and home products. Have you visited their website, You should. It’s stunning. On top of bedding collections, swim and beach attire, bags, towels, table linens, hats, and indoor/outdoor accents, to name a few, they are also a designer scarf brand. Their scarf designs are top-notch! The history of this company dates back over 9 decades. Some of the highlights include a partnership with Polo/Ralph Lauren in 1984 when Echo became the sole {Read More}

Isagenix IsaLean Amazing Protein Shakes When I was working out with my sister-in-law, she told me about these new protein shakes she and her husband haven been drinking as a snack and/or for recovery after her workout. They are also used as a weight loss tool, but she has no weight to lose because she is in amazing shape, so they can simply be used as a convenient snack or meal on the go. Just like any shakes, you can add peanut butter, fruit, {Read More}

Shooting for the Stars

Who hasn’t looked up at the night sky and wondered what it would be like to strap on an astronaut’s helmet and speed through the heavens on a rocketship? Aeromax‘s latest products play into that daydream and allow children to realistically dress up as an astronaut for the day. My 1st Career Gear Orange Astronaut Top ($13.95) paired with the Jr. Astronaut Helmet with Sound ($39.95) makes for fantastic role play for your little one, not to mention a potential {Read More}

Warm Krispy Kreme Doughnuts for Free

I have never in my life experienced a warm Krispy Kreme doughnut and it was quite an amazing experience. The light was on at the Krispy Kreme location in Middleburg Heights on Friday night after dinner, which means that they give away hot doughnuts for free. My father-in-law insisted that we had to stop! I have been trying to be good, but there was no saying no to this warm doughnut. Once I took one bite, the rest was history! {Read More}

Aveda Stress-Fix

Not sure why, but April can be a stressful month. Lots of spring cleaning, wrapping up the school year, and all of the other things going on in life. When we were staying at my sister-in-law and brother-in-law’s house in Florida, she gave us each a little splash of Aveda Stress-Fix. We all were raving about it and I need to order some. My yoga breathing helps, but this aromatic oil makes you feel less stressed and more relaxed in {Read More}


Looking for something fun to do with the family? You should check out Castaway Bay in Sandusky, Ohio! This resort and waterpark is conveniently located near Cedar Point. With a tropical Caribbean theme, guests at Cedar Point’s Castaway Bay will feel like they have just landed on an island paradise upon entering this lush indoor waterpark resort. The centerpiece of Castaway Bay is its elaborate enclosed waterpark with a five-story structure featuring a vaulted wood ceiling that covers a natural setting {Read More}

Easter Brunch on Sunday, April 16th at Urban Farmer Cleveland

Why cook on Easter Sunday when you can go to Easter Brunch at Urban Farmer Cleveland?!? For more information, visit Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy one of Cleveland’s hottest restaurants with your family and friends! For more information, visit