Moana Disney Movie Launch Party

My husband took my daughter to see the new Disney movie, Moana, in the theater around the holidays and he gave me the option to go shopping during the movie, so I decided to shop instead. When they got out of the movie, they were raving about how much fun they had and how much they loved the movie! I hated to miss it, but I really enjoyed strolling around the mall with my Starbucks. When we found out the {Read More}

Disney at the Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort Bonnet Creek

We loved our Disney experience and really enjoyed our stay at Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort Bonnet Creek. This is the only place we have ever stayed in Orlando, but it was so convenient and fun for our first Disney trip with our daughter. We did not even have to rent a car and the shuttle took us to Disney World and Disney Springs/Downtown Disney. We had the best of both worlds by staying here because it was the relaxing family {Read More}

Slow Cooker Mexican Chicken Soup

Spring may technically be around the corner, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it, with Winter Storm Stella bearing down on most of the Midwest and Northeast United States. What better time than now for making a steaming pot of delicious, Mexican chicken soup? We made this last week and loved it. Plus, nothing is easier than throwing a bunch of ingredients into a pot, setting the slow cooker for eight hours and having dinner made when you get home! {Read More}

10 Fun St. Patrick’s Day Ideas for Kids!

St. Patricks Day turns in to a fun holiday for the kids with these great Ideas from fellow bloggers. Do you have any fun tips to add. Please comment below! 1.) Someone is messing around in the Bathroom. This is one of my favorites from the Coolest Family on the Block. Read more about her great tips. 2.) Create some mini letters from the Leprechaun himself! Check out this great idea from Slow Family Online. 3.) Set up a trap {Read More}

Whiffer Sniffers – The Next Big Thing!

Have you heard of Whiffer Sniffers? Quick visit their site now and check out these adorable deliciously scented plush backpack clips! Whiffer Sniffers ($6.99) have become the “It Toy” for kids who collect. Voted Most Wanted Collectible by Time To Play Magazine, these 4” wonders are the coolest thing that kids can have hanging from their backpack or sports bag! Plus they pass the smell test – from popcorn to gingerbread. This cute little guys remind me of scratch-n-sniff stickers {Read More}

Fun Ideas for Coloring Easter Eggs

Fun Ideas for Decorating Easter Eggs

I think we are going to color Easter Eggs tonight so I am on the hunt for some creative ideas on coloring Easter Eggs. I know it’s a little early but why not and my kids actually like to eat the eggs. Here are some of my favorites! Click on the link below the pictures to get step by step instructions. Kool Aid Eggs 1.) kool-eggs – Kool-Aid Easter Eggs these are beautiful! Rubber Band Eggs 2.) Rubber Band Eggs {Read More}

Delicious, Healthy Salad with Tofu

My best friend always cooks the freshest, healthiest, delicious meals! Lucky for me – I get to enjoy them with her! The last time I was at her house, she made a salad with fresh vegetables, hard boiled eggs, blueberries, and topped it with cooked tofu. It was healthy and filling because of all of the protein in the tofu and hard boiled eggs. It only took about 15 minutes to prepare, so it would be a great salad to {Read More}

Healthy Yogurt Fruit Popsicles

My daughter LOVES popsicles and ice cream. I don’t want her eating junk all of the time, so we decided to make our own fruit popsicles with Greek yogurt, which has a good amount of protein and low sugar, instead of fruit juice. We just loaded these plastic, BPA free popsicle makers with raspberry Greek yogurt and added in some raspberries and blueberries. How easy is that! They freeze for a few hours and then there’s a healthy delicious treat {Read More}

Mani Thanks Adorable Shower Favor

I attended my friend’s baby shower this weekend and it was such a beautiful event. She is having a baby girl so light pink was the color of choice. There were even gorgeous light pink roses as the centerpiece on each table. The favor was absolutely adorable and could work for a baby shower or bridal shower. It could actually work for any sort of get-together for women in which you would like to have a favor to thank guests {Read More}

Paper-to-digital coloring books

When I was a kid, my mom would hang torn-out, scribbled-upon pages from coloring books on the walls and the refrigerator. I took great pride in my “creations” and the way they were shared with other members of my family. Today, coloring pages can be shared in so many more ways, thanks to products like the My Little Pony Coloring Book Set & Digital Crayon Stylus ($7.99), one of the newest offerings from Painting Lulu™ by Flycatcher. This groundbreaking product delivers {Read More}