Laundry Done Right!

There are several things I hate about doing laundry. Especially laundry for the whole family. In my opinion the worst part is putting it away. Sometimes, it sits in the basket for days and we all just root through it. I have a helpful tip that may save you time….which we all could use a little more of! Organize and categorize as you fold. Put all the clothes in piles by person and by drawer that they will be ending up in. {Read More}


MAGNETIC ATTRACTION: GEOSMART™LUNAR ROVER is a really cool toy that has tons and tons of possibilities for kids of all ages. My boys instantly put together their Lunar Rover from looking at the cover of the box and their imagination took over from there!     Other building toys usually come with step by step instructions which leaves little room for the imagination. This 30-piece magnetic construction set features 5 different geometric shapes and wheels which encouraged their creativity to go {Read More}

Time to Put Away Elf on the Shelf

Christmas came and went so quickly! Now it’s time to put away your Elf on the Shelf. I struggled with finding her last year big time, so I came up with a new idea this year. We have given her (Holly) the nickname of “Uncle” so that my husband I and I can talk about her without our daughter knowing. For example, we ask each other if “Uncle” is ok each night so that she can’t figure out what we {Read More}

Don’t Forget to Fit in Your Workouts During the Holidays

There’s so much going on with the holidays coming up! That’s why it’s especially important to fit in your workouts to de-stress and feel your best. I love this new popsugar article on yahoo from Michelle Foley to keep us focused and motivated to work out during the holidays. It also helps us feel a little less guilty when we imbibe and indulge! Check out some of the great popsugar articles to keep us motivated during the holidays: Ways {Read More}

WHISBEAR® The Humming Bear Designed for a Good Night’s Sleep

Do you have kids that have trouble sleeping due to noise in the house from other kids, outdoor noises, or other annoyances? This is the solution! WHISBEAR® The Humming Bear Designed for a Good Night’s Sleep makes a white noise that is so soothing for your baby or child. The best part is that it actually has a cry sensor to make it turn on when your baby starts to cry! My daughter who is 5 even loves to snuggle {Read More}

This Is What Grilling Outside In December In Cleveland Looks Like…

It may seem crazy to grill out in the frigid temperatures in December in Cleveland, but it was well worth it! My in-laws had us all over for the most amazing filet and lobster tail dinner. The cold temperatures did not prevent the grill to cooking for perfection! The meal was amazing! It’s always fun to stay cozy inside by the Christmas tree… But next time you want to really impress your guests, light up the grill in the winter {Read More}

Decorative Sand and Jewel Vases

My mother-in-law and I went to Solia Spa for facials and when we were wondering around the waiting room when we spotted these gorgeous decorative sand and jewel vases. I was raving to my mother-in-law about how pretty they are and how great they would look as a centerpiece on my island in my kitchen. She told me that she thought they would be easy to replicate with some sand and jewels from a craft store. To my surprise, I {Read More}

Marvelous Mom of the Month – Danielle Raybuck – December, 2016

Each month we select a mom that we think is MARVELOUS to be featured on our site. This month, our featured mom is Danielle Raybuck. She is the mom of three MARVELOUS kids and she makes managing all of the activities for her brood look so easy! Danielle is always on the go taking fun trips with her kids and planning the best kid adventures. She still makes time to teach fitness classes, get together with family and friends, and {Read More}