SantasWatching Influences Better Behavior from Grumpy Toddlers

SantasWatching‚ the innovative app that’s highly effective in preventing children from throwing temper tantrums at the worst possible time‚ is being downloaded by exasperated parents. The smartly designed app calls upon Santa for support. Santa leaves a (pre-recorded) message on a parent or grandparent’s phone letting the child know that he is ‘always watching.’ “All parents have had an embarrassing moment with their toddlers at the most inconvenient of times‚” says Rick Gillis, spokesperson for SantasWatching. “Since the app was {Read More}

Groovy Girls Melissa Butterfly Ballerina – Perfect For Any Little Girl This Christmas

I don’t know how it happens, but girls LOVE playing with dolls and gravitate toward them over any other toy out there! My daughter will even pretend she is the mommy and take care of her baby doll. This doll is special because it is plush, and fun to hug and squeeze. Since she has wings, my daughter loves to zoom her around the house as if she is flying just like a fairy. This is the perfect gift for {Read More}

Neat-Oh! Barbie™ Jet Set Hotel & Decorator Magnets

My daughter loves her big Barbie doll house, but she was ecstatic to play with this new Magnetic Hotel Room by Neat-Oh! because she can switch it up to be a different room every time. Neat-Oh! Barbie™ Jet Set Hotel & Decorator Magnets • $16.00 The case opens to an interior compartment that holds 3 dolls and a fold out magnetized hotel room. Using the included 20 magnets, decorate and change the view from the hotel room! Now she packs {Read More}

Neat-Oh! Barbie and Star Wars Storage Bins to Help Keep Toys Organized

I am CONSTANTLY picking up toys! I feel like Cinderella for goodness sake. It seems like no matter what they are all over the place! That was until we started using these adorable Neat-Oh! storage bins. Barbie storage for girls: Star Wars storage for boys: The Barbie Storage Bin is perfect for my daughter and all of her Barbies, shoes, outfits, brushes, etc. She finally has a stylish way to put her Barbies away! It makes it way more fun {Read More}

Dinosaur Room Guard by Neat-Oh!

Keep the scary monsters away with the Dinosaur Room Guard by Neat-Oh! This is the best toy for scared kids that allow them to scare any monster away first. This is the perfect Christmas gift for any boy or girl that’s afraid of the dark since it has a projector light that is just like having a night light in their dark bedroom. The kids loved to play with the different projector images that T-rex shaped projector offers 24 dinosaur {Read More}


The GeoSmart Lunar Rover is awesome!!!!!! My daughter and nephews had such a blast playing with this 30-piece magnetic construction set that features 5 different geometric shapes and wheels. They had an amazing time building it and then watching the rover go! They could hardly wait to open it and take out all of the brightly colored parts. The wheels can bring movement to each construction. Or you can leave the wheels off and create your own flying vehicle. My {Read More}

Give the Gift of the Greenkeeper Bag!

Ever get to the checkout line at the grocery store and forget your reusable bags in the car? Ever fill your cart and then realize that your bags are underneath all your items? Well, that was the old me. Now, I have the Greenkeeper Bag and will never been unprepared at the checkout again!!    Filled with bags, the sleek design clips to the outside front of the shopping cart so that it does not take up any space where the groceries go. When you are {Read More}

NEW! Draw & Build Dollhouse – Putting the ‘A’ in STEAM

My daughter could hardly wait to open the box! She loves to build and draw, so this is right up her alley! She immediately took the wooden doll to draw hair and clothes on her. The best part is if you make a mistake, you can just wipe it off with the soft cloth that’s included. Nothing is permanent! It’s fun to make this magnetic dollhouse your own by drawing decorations and scenes with included write-on wipe-off markers! We were {Read More}

Refreshinq is the Refreshinqly Simple Alternative to Other Supplement Stores

Vitamins and supplements are so important to be healthy, especially when you live in Ohio and the winter is approaching. The Refreshinq Co. focuses on delivering your body the nutrients it needs, when it needs them. This helps you focus on your body’s energy, fitness, and even weight support. Sometimes when I take vitamins, they can make me a little bit nauseous depending on what I eat when I take them. That is why I really enjoy the support patches, {Read More}

Smile Brilliant Review! #SmileFearlessly

Smile Brilliant is the customized affordable whitening system to do at home. Created by dental professionals who realize costly whitening is attributed to costly trips to the dentist office. So why not do this at home! This is a great way to get started on your journey to whiter teeth! So what is Smile Brilliant and why is it different? Smile Brilliant is a customized system you purchase and use at home. What makes this product unique is you get {Read More}