Engaging Projection Alarm Clock is a Bright Idea!

Big Red Rooster company does it again! This alarm clock is so fun and comes in three different animals. We chose the dinosaur for our home, but the cat and dog looked really cute too! You can also choose from 4 prehistoric images as well as the digital time projected onto the ceiling. In our home, each night they take turns choosing the image. This “little game” helps actually get them into their bedroom at night without a struggle. It is {Read More}

Sara Fondran is a Marvelous Mom!

Sara Fondran is our pick for Marvelous Mom of the Month! She’s brave, fun, and caring. That’s what we love about a mom like her! Sara and Jason are the proud parents of two sweet little boys who keep them on their toes 24/7. Nicholas, who is almost 3, will hang with the big boys all day long! It’s nothing if you find 15-month-old Zachary on a patio a couple of houses down in the neighborhood playing quietly on a friend’s familiar swing set. Sara has {Read More}

Polite PigPals Give the Positive Reinforcement our Kids Need to do the Right Thing

I grew up reading the book Pig Will and Pig Won’t, so it was always reinforced at my house to be a Pig Will. These Polite PigPals are a bunch of Pig Wills encouraging our kids to do the right thing. From washing their hands after they go to the bathroom to cleaning up their toys, these pigs give the friendly reminder and the positive reinforcement they need to keep them moving toward the polite direction. My daughter couldn’t wait {Read More}

Connecting Words with Anaxi is SO FUN!

We just played Anaxi for the first time ever! It was so much fun! Anaxi is SO FUN to play with a group of people. Especially with fall approaching and chilli nights in the house, this will give your family and friends something new, fun and different to do! We played it with just me, my husband and daughter and had such a fun time! It’s bright, colorful, and my daughter likes to work the hour glass timer. It is {Read More}

Heini’s Cheeses and Gift Baskets

I received the most amazing gift basket from Heini’s and had to share! What a nice what gift for someone that’s difficult to buy for. Or what a great hostess gift for your next party! Check them out at http://heinis.com/ They have free shipping for purchases over $75, which is always a plus. There was a variety of cheeses, meats, jam and mustard. This basket even included a chocolate cheese that tasted a little like fudge. It was amazing! The {Read More}

SmartGames Giveaway!

SmartGames are games that exercise your kids brains! Kids have to use their own skills from spatial insight to pattern recognition, and work on their problem solving abilities and memory. SmartGames include several challenges, so games never get boring and can be played over and over again! These games are great for car rides or when kids are bored on a rainy day. We received the Ghost Hunters game to review. With Halloween right around the corner I thought this {Read More}

Gratitude is the Attitude on Thursday, 9/15!

National Thank You Day is this next Thursday, Sept. 15 – a day to remind Americans to stop and show appreciation for the people and many gifts in their lives. On a mission to encourage the everyday thank you, merci®, the makers of rich, European chocolate, recently conducted a national survey on gratitude and thankfulness. Thank yous aren’t just for grand gestures and big holidays. They’re for the everyday moments and the people that make your life a little easier {Read More}

Water Balloon Fun!

I had never heard of these balloons until we got them as a gift! They fill up so easily and quickly and are ready for fun in no time! The summer might be winding down, but we still have some warm weather in Cleveland. This water balloon frenzy was a hit with all of the neighbor kids! For more information or to purchase, check out https://www.amazon.com/01213-Zuru-Bunch-Balloons-Rapid/dp/B00ZPW3U14/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1473301778&sr=8-1&keywords=bunch+balloons

Tofu Baked – A Quick, Easy Dinner Solution for Mom’s on the Go!

I am all about quick, healthy food on the go, which is why I love Tofu Baked brand tofu. My best friend is the one who told me about it and it’s already cooked/baked, so I sometimes will just eat it cold (right out of the fridge) when I am really on the go. Or if I have more time, I’ll throw it in a stir fry with some olive oil and veggies. Although I’m not a vegetarian, I get {Read More}

MITCHELL’S HOMEMADE ICE CREAM is a real treat for Downtown Cleveland!

Within walking distance of the West Side Market, Great Lakes Brewing Company, and Townhall, this historical building turned ice cream factory is the place to be! Take a tour of Mitchell’s Homemade ice cream located on W25th street downtown. The tour only takes about 15 minutes, comes with your personal guide, and you get to enjoy their deliciously unusual 100% homemade flavors at the end. Originally a theatre, Mitchell’s opened here in April of 2014. Now, you can buy this homemade ice cream {Read More}