Speedy Snack Ideas For Kids!

Do you feel like your kids are “always starving” and there’s nothing to eat? Are you bored with the same old snack ideas in your house? Well, hopefully this puts some taste back in those buds of yours! Try these quick and simple tasty snack ideas: Edamame: Buy in your grocer’s freezer section and steam in the bag in the micro. They can be bought already shelled, but that kinda takes the fun out of it. Add sea salt and enjoy! Apples with {Read More}

Lose Weight with MyFitnessPal App – “Even When You’re Working Out Like Crazy, Abs are Made in the Kitchen”

I LOVE to work out! I know that probably is annoying for some to hear, but it is an important part of my lifestyle and it makes me feel good and sleep good. It is my “me time” where I do something to focus on myself to make me fitter, stronger, and healthier. Of course we all want to stay in shape, and as we get older, that can be challenging. I sit a lot more at work these days {Read More}


My daughter has her first tooth loose, and she seems a little scared about it. However, I have heard from a friend that losing teeth becomes a status symbol at school as far as the kid who has lost the most teeth is the coolest. Some of her friends have already lost a tooth or teeth, so this has helped her realized that this is a completely normal thing to happen to someone around her age. To assist my daughter {Read More}

Wendi Glovna- Marvelous Mother of the Month

She is fun, honest, and loving. She’s Wendi Glovna and she’s our Marvelous Mother of the Month for July! She is the proud mamma of three great kids. Her oldest son is 10 and her twin daughter and son are 8. She has been married for 16 years to a great, funny guy from high school who completely compliments her. She works full-time for a financial company and still manages to make plenty of time for fun activities with her friends and family. On Halloween, it’s {Read More}

Kid’s Cute Placemat

Having trouble getting your little one to sit at the dinner table long enough to actually eat dinner? Try making them a personalized placemat! All you need is an 11×17 colorful piece of construction paper, pictures, and items to decorate (stickers, markers, etc.). Embellish both sides if you’re feeling up for it! Since you will be taking this to a local copy shop or office supply store to laminate, just make sure you don’t use excessive glue, crayons, or colored pencils, {Read More}

LEGO Extravaganza Columbus August 20-21, 2016!! GIVEAWAY!!

MOMFABFUN is hosting a Giveaway for a Family Pack of Four(4) Tickets!! LEGO EXTRAVAGANZA When: August 20: 10pm-4pm (LIMITED AVALIBILITY) August 21: 10pm-4pm Where: Greater Columbus Convention Center (Hall E) 400 N High St. Columbus, OH 43215 The tickets could be for either the 20th or 21st and we can send the winner the tickets directly, all we need is your Name and Email address. LEGO Extravaganza Columbus August 20-21, 2016 – 4 Pack of Tickets! The LEGO BrickUniverse Convention {Read More}

All New SOFIEL CREAM – by Peri

I am always looking for amazing new products to make me look younger and more vibrant. Lisa Stewart from Solia Spa in Brecksville has created the all new SOFIEL CREAM – by Peri. This amazing skin product not only, moisturizes, but also exfoliates, lightens and tightens your skin for a youthful, gorgeous glow. The first time I used SOFIEL CREAM – by Peri, I applied it in the evening before bed and I woke up looking more refreshed, rested, and {Read More}

Date Night or Family Spot at The Winery at Wolf Creek

The Winery at Wolf Creek is the perfect place for a date night or to bring your family. The reason this winery is good for either is because it it pretty spread out, so if you want your space, you can have it. We have gone there for a romantic date or with other couples and we have also taken our daughter there with other families. The kids love it because there are goats and lamas to feed and pet. {Read More}

Kahoot! for Quizzes and Surveys

You probably teach someone something whether it’s your kids at school or employees at work. At the end of your education session, test them with Kahoot! It’s a fun, interactive way to quiz or survey an individual or group of people to see if they are paying attention. It’s easy to create the quiz or survey and they the participants actually use their smart phone by logging on to https://kahoot.it/#/ and entering their pin number to access the game and {Read More}


This is sooooooo exciting!! Mom Fab Fun is giving away 2 Tickets to the My 2K Tour!! 98 DEGREES HEADLINES THE FIRST EVER MY2K TOUR FEATURING RYAN CABRERA, DREAM AND O-TOWN! With four of the hottest pop groups that shaped the late ‘90s/early ‘00s landscape ready to present every pop music lover’s dream line-up come true, 98 Degrees have announced the My2k Tour, enlisting Ryan Cabrera, Dream and O-Town to join in on a celebration of the most infectious pop {Read More}